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Weisheng Wu, Han nationality, born in 1971 and have established Ningbo  Bangxing Beauty &Hair-Dressing Chair Industry Co., Ltd..in 1996

Mr Wu's  Business philosophy:
1.Must pay attention to two things:
Before, enterprises should only pay attention to the leadership. But now in the market economy, enterprises must focus on the two things: one is employees, should maximize employees' satisfaction; the other is the user, should maximize customers' satisfaction.
2.Services promote sales:
Actually, the price war is undoubtedly important. the industry environment is damaged, the outcome would be difficult to restore it. On this condition, we should set up our own service team, service for users actively until up to the customers' satisfaction. Services with international standards and professional self-service operations would promote the sales of our company
Services promote sales, proved by the high quality.

Chairman Message:
I will succeed because i want to succeed, and i have never hesitated before.
"To created high-quality life for human in hairdressing areas" is the goals of bangxing for operation and development. In the future development, bangxing will continue to care forward the innovation spirit of it. Welcome to visit and give your great ideas to us.