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Arber Chair Witnesses The Changes Of The Era

Oct 22, 2019

I still remember the age of my father's generation. The haircuts of those years were not just shampooing, cutting hair, shaving the hair, and finishing the beard were necessary services, and these services were basically done by the guests on a chair. Therefore, the shape of the barber chair at that time was rather cumbersome. The base of the whole chair was made of cast iron, and the base of the chair was thick.


Every time the customer comes to repair the hair, shaving the hair, etc., it takes a long time, so the pedal part of the chair will be made wider, even if the customer is a little embarrassed during the service of the master, it is not afraid of the foot being uncomfortable. The chair has a very user-friendly function that can be gradually opened to allow the customer's body to be flat on the recliner. At that time, men will have more chances to use this function because the flat lays the master to help them better. For the barbershop at that time, the barber chair is far more functional than the outside. For the customer, the real price and professional craft are the most important.

Today, the hairdressing industry has developed into a hair and beauty integration. People's demand for hair style is no longer a simple haircut correction, but a hair stylist is required to provide professional hairdressing and hair care services. Therefore, to become a professional hair salon in the eyes of the people must first work hard in the store, we can see that the style of the large or medium-sized hair chain chain is biased towards the European and American style, and the selected barber chair will cater to the overall store style. The chair is similar. The bulky figure has not been seen in the base part of the swivel chair. Instead, it is a smooth and beautiful metal base. The base of the swivel chair has various styles. There are five-star feet, round discs, square discs or individual shapes. Compared with the old-fashioned barber chair, the chair has a variety of shapes and is full of modern and fashionable.

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There are more and more manufacturers of such modern barber chairs on the market, the products are becoming more homogenized, and the price and quality are very different. Some barbershops in the market buy some inexpensive barber chairs in order to control the cost, low quality barber chairs. It is greatly arranged on the upper side compared to the high quality barber chair, and may cause safety problems in use.

Looking closely at the renewal between the old barber chair and the modern barber chair, we seem to be more aware of the changes of the times. Although we are advancing with the pace of the times, the good memories of the old time are long-lasting. This is the kind of humanity that everyone is looking for in the old barber chair!