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Barber Shop Hairdressing Chair In Distance

Dec 20, 2016

Now more and more people start a business, ready to open Salon friends can refer to the following, in the hairdressing industry management technical specifications make this provision. Hairdressing Chair spacing should be greater than 1.5 m, hair salon, Salon Chair spacing should be 1.5 metres or more.

This specification is the first professional hairdressing industry conditions, management professional requirements published national standards. It relates to beauty salons, hairdressing salons, beauty center, nail salon, comprehensive beauty salon operators.

Standard specified: beauty salon area appropriate to 30 square meters above, hair salon and nail shop should be more than 20 square meters, body Center should be at more than 60 square meters each beauty bed area should be more than 3 square meters, distance 1 m above the bed; each Salon Chair service area should be more than 2.5 square meters, seats more than 1.5 meters.