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How To Choose A Barber Chair?

May 31, 2019

1. The hairdresser cuts the hair on both sides of the floor, or on the foot of the hairdressing chair. The hairdressing chair has the function of raising and rotating, which is mainly convenient for the hairdresser's hair cutting operation. However, there is also a size ratio. For example, if we put our feet on the ground, the cushion is 50cm away from the ground. If the design is done for the guests, the hairdressing chair can be raised 10-15cm, that is, the height of the highest hairdressing chair can be raised. Up to 65cm, the conventional hydraulic pressure also has the function of lifting and lowering, and the matching high-end hairdressing table can not exceed 85cm, and the table top with 80cm height is usually the most reasonable. 2. The seat cushion and backrest fabric of the barber chair are usually made of faux leather fabric, the inner filling is sponge, the whole frame bag is made of multi-layer board and metal frame, etc. The armrest usually has PU material and the same style of leather material as the chair body material. Sponge board structure, metal materials, etc.

3, the base of the hairdressing chair usually has five stars, turtle feet, tiger feet, round, square and other shapes. The material is Dulu or stainless steel. Among them, the stainless steel base has a relatively high cost. 4, the choice of hairdressing chair should be consistent with the store decoration style, for example, if the storefront uses European decoration, then it is recommended that the hairdressing chair should be able to choose the style consistent with the store decoration, choose the European hairdressing chair, if the store is a simple decoration Then, we can choose a simple hairdressing chair.

5, see if the chair frame is not solid. This is easier for us to distinguish. For example, use the two hands to shake the whole hairdressing chair back and forth, and if it feels better, then the chair quality is better.

6. Look at the choice of foam sponges. Most of the chairs used in hairdressing salons are made of cotton. It is generally better to use a high-elastic foam sponge with a density of 25 kg/m3 or more. At the time, it is best to have a hairdressing chair cushion that is recessed by about 10 cm.

7, practicality, some hair salons for shaving, dry cleaning, hair-based, you need to buy a shaved hairdressing chair, its use function meets the needs of such hair salons, hairdressing chair backrest can be raised and lowered, from different angles Adjustment. If you need to cut hair, you should choose the regular shopping series.

8, the hairdressing chair should be well matched with other equipment. The general principle is that there is a relationship between the Lord and the Lord, which sets off each other and harmony with each other. It is natural and forms a complete and unified whole.