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How To Choose A Hairdressing Chair In The Process Of Decoration Of A Hairdressing Shop?

Jul 30, 2019

Chairs used in hairdressers, salons, medical hairdressers, etc. Usually with hydraulic pump adjustable height, rotatable and other functions. Hair Chair Type Hair Chair is also known as Hair Cutting Chair and Hair Cutting Chair. The chair with shaving upside down can also be classified as Hair Cutting Chair. Hairdresser's hair cut feet are on the ground, or on the foot of the hairdressing chair, the hairdressing chair has the function of lifting and rotating, mainly to facilitate the hairdresser's haircut operation. But there is also a size ratio, such as the normal placement of our feet on the ground, the cushion is the most comfortable 50 cm off the ground. If we make the styling design for the guests, the hairdressing chair can be raised by 10-15 cm appropriately, that is, the height of the highest hairdressing chair can be raised to about 65 cm, and the conventional hydraulic pressure also has the function of lifting and lowering, while the matching hairdressing glasses also have the function of lifting and lowering. The top-grade tables can not exceed 85cm, usually 80 cm high tables are the most reasonable. The cushion and backrest fabrics of barber chair are usually leather-like fabrics, the inner filler is sponge, the whole frame package is made of multi-layer board and metal frame, and the armrest is usually made of PU material, wood-like sponge board structure with the same style of chair body material, metal material, etc.           

 The base of hairdressing chair usually has five-star shape, turtle foot, tiger foot, round, square and other shapes. The material is Duluo or stainless steel. The relative cost of stainless steel base is higher. For example, if the shop is decorated in European style, Xiaobian suggests that we should choose the same style as the shop decoration, and choose the European style hair chair. If the shop is decorated in simple style, then we can choose the simple hairdressing chair.