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How To Do Hairdressing Chair Maintenance And Maintenance

Apr 10, 2019

With the improvement of material life, people's pursuit of beauty has also increased, and haircut is an important way to increase beauty and increase self-confidence. A variety of hair salons, different styles of hair, different levels of hairdressers, hairdressers Every detail will have a big impact on customers, and the chair is also an important part.
The chair in the barber shop is used frequently and is easy to break. How should it be maintained and maintained in normal times?
1, the chair surface. Avoid using hard objects to cut the seat surface. The leather fabric is usually more wear-resistant, but it is easy to be scratched by hard objects. Sharp objects such as scissors and razors used in the hairdressing shop should be properly placed, and the zipper and button pair of the guest should be avoided. The scratch of the leather surface of the chair.
In addition, the leather chair surface also needs regular care. You can use the leather surface maintenance agent to spray and wipe the hairdressing chair stool surface irregularly. If the seat surface is stained with stains, perm, and other difficult-to-clean items, you can use cotton cloth. Wiping with a little bit of gasoline can effectively avoid staining the hairdressing chair.
2. Oil pump. The main function of the oil pump is to adjust the height of the chair by lifting and lowering. Under normal circumstances, the oil pump will not have any quality problems. When purchasing the oil pump, please be careful not to buy oil pump that leaks oil. Usually, the height-adjustable chair can be pressed by half-step, that is, not one. Putting the foot to the end, stepping on half of the half-pressing method can effectively improve the service life of the chair hydraulic pump.
3. Chassis. Electroplating chassis series hairdressing chair should not be worn, can not be wiped with materials such as sandpaper, the plating surface is usually chrome-plated material, with anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions, so avoid grinding, if there is a little rust, you can use dry Wipe the cotton cloth.
In addition, it is necessary to clean the chassis frequently to keep the chassis fresh and clean. Stainless steel chassis is relatively easy to care, just wipe it often.
Although the hairdressing chair in the hairdressing station is used more often, as long as it is maintained and maintained on a regular basis, the service life will be greatly increased, which will save the hair salon.