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How To Protect Hair

Apr 27, 2020

1. Hair treatment or nutrition treatment regularly

The hair quality that serious dry should 100 do nutrition to repair besides weekday, go to barbershop to do hydrotherapy and bake nutrition regularly even, in order to strengthen the nutrition composition of the hair, let the hair be smooth and bright immediately ze, protect hair effect is very remarkable.

2. Do hair mask every week

Nourishing the hair mask once or twice a week can help the hair repair better.
Suggest every time after washing a hair to go up in the hair daub protect wet hair film, after wrapping the hair with towel 10 minutes degree, rinse clean with clear water directly, the hair can become very pliable, if combine massage, moist effect can be better.

Comb your hair before bed every day

Actually the dirt that the hair place is stained with and dirt is more than the body, face, so every day before sleeping, choose to know to choose smooth, wide tooth wooden comb or it is bristle hair comb, comb the hair can make the blood circulation of the head smoother.

4. Trim the tail of severely split hair

Once there is a lot of hair bifurcate in the hair end place that discovers in oneself, might as well go to barber shop the hair end that asks barber to help clip a place to open a fork, cut an inch up by bifurcate point is optimal, if do not cut, the hair end of long hair still can bifurcate.

5, unfavorable everyday shampoo hair

Best inside frequency maintains in 2-3 days, after shampoo is poured in the hand rub bubble, go up gently in the hair, can let a hair absorb nutrition already so, still can keep beautiful hair clean and relaxed appropriately.
In addition, suggest moisture is in 40 degrees or so advisable, avoid too cool or too hot and damage hair quality.