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How To Use Barber Chair

Apr 30, 2020

Salon Chair, although traditionally used at the Barber's, is now a full service beauty salon using all parts of the world. Different from Salon chairs, of which only 360 degree they provide stylists raise and lower the client's abilities, Salon Chair, stylist perform services such as waxing and facials down the client. Used Salon chairs is similar to using a family lounge, just pulling a lever to change its position.
  Step on the hydraulic lift Chair pedal pump reaches its desired height. If the Chair is too high, stepped on the release lever to lower its height. If you want to completely reduce the height of the Chair, step on the lever until the chairs down to the bottom.

By grasping the back and rotating it to the left or right of the Chair. Barber Chair with 360 degree rotation, let you work all aspects of client from one location.

Release tilt adjustment Rod down the seat back to desired position. If you want to tilt position increases the Chair, angled handles back to the starting position.

Lift the head to make it slide to the desired location. If you want to recover the head, press the button back on its base and sliding head back to the top of the Chair.