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How To Wash Your Hair Correctly

May 22, 2020
  1. Before shampooing, comb your hair with a comb, massage your scalp with a comb, and then rinse your hair with water, which can slightly reduce the dust, dirt and dandruff on your hair. In this way, when shampooing, you can save the amount of shampoo and reduce the stimulation to the scalp.

  2. First pour a coin sized shampoo into the palm of your hand, add water, and then gently rub it until it bubbles, and then rinse it after daubing it on your head. Repeat twice in this way, you can clean the scalp and hair thoroughly. Pay attention not to pour shampoo directly on the head for scrubbing, which will make the local concentration of shampoo on the scalp too high. If the time is long, it may form the sequelae of abnormal hair loss.

  3. The way to wash hair is to draw a circle. When massaging the scalp, you should use your finger abdomen, which can promote blood circulation. Do not scratch the scalp with your fingernails. This action is easy to damage the scalp. The oily hair should be cleaned for the root, while the dry scalp is not suitable for too long time to avoid the contact between the scalp and shampoo for too long.

  4. Wash the hair full of shampoo with plenty of water. If the washing is not clean, it will cause shampoo residue, which will lead to scalp allergy. However, although hot water has a high solubility, it can't wash hair with high temperature water. Hot water is known as the killer of scalp injury. The water of scalp will be lost and become dry because of the high temperature of hot water. Therefore, if there is a worry about unclean washing, you can use more cold water or warm water Rinse several times.

  5. It is the habit of many people to rub their hair with towel, which is also incorrect. It's best to dry the water on the hair with pure cotton towel, and never use force. If using a hair dryer is your habit, you should also keep a distance of 10-15 cm, and pay attention not to have too high temperature. Generally speaking, blow dry the scalp, and wait for the hair to dry naturally.