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How to decorate the barber shop

Sep 29, 2018

         In general, the hair salon will choose the rough style of the ceiling, deliberately expose the water pipes, wires, and install the lighting with strong artistic sense, which is a more time-saving and cost-effective method. Ceiling and lighting: One or two lights are used for lighting, if more than three are art. The style of the lighting directly determines the style of the ceiling, and the post-modern and elegant style can be adapted and tolerated. Ceiling and decoration: The auspicious character is in addition to the auspicious meaning, but also has the effect of decoration, adding a touch of ancient charm to the tough ceiling.

        The reception area should be arranged according to the size of the store. According to the store's similar style, if the space is enough to put on the coffee table, try to use the position near the door. If the space is not enough, you can set a small and fine reception area. Cool reception area: In order to match the style of the front of the store, a cool black sofa is placed near the door, which is a newcomer.

         The hairdressing area is the top priority of the salon. On the basis of ensuring cleanliness and neatness, it is necessary to add a special feature to the hairdressing area where a simple mirror and a chair are combined.

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