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Organizational Chart

Name/Title: Benfeng Li / Wood Supervisor

Introduction:have over 4 years' experience in this line, and could complete the production of sofa during the certain time, and make sure the quality good.
Name/Title: Fayan Fang / Sofa Supervisor
Introduction:has three years' experiece in the line, could manage the staffs well and has high responsibility for the work of others.
Name/Title: Fa'er Yu / Hardware Supervisor
Introduction:have more than 2 years' experience in this line, and go well with staffs in the hardware workshop. help the manager to solve  problems.
Name/Title: Yunsong Li / Fitting Supervisor
Introduction:Management in the fitting workshop, he arrange the productions of the chairs, control the quality of  the chairs and pack the chairs.
Name/Title: Xinfu Zhan / Trasportation Manager
Introduction:Is charged in making shipment when completing the goods. Make sure the cartons of the products is right. Do best to save the space to finish the shipment in a container.
Name/Title: Chenghua Zhang / Foaming Technician Manager
Introduction:In the workshop of molded foam, he leads the starffs of Bangxing to complete this operation.Make sure the foam be density and solid.
Name/Title: Xuanfa Wu / Sofa Technician Manager
ntroduction:is engaged in designment of the chair, production of the chair. He has designed various kinds of the beauty chairs for Bangxing. These chairs are hot selling in domestic and overseas.
Name/Title: Rongfu Cheng / Pump Technician Manager
Introduction:As Bangxing's pump technician manager,he has over 8 years' experience in this line,also has thoroughly learned about the pumps.
Name/Title: Mingfu Sun / Hardware Technician Manager
Introduction:As Bangxing's hardware techician manager, he is skilled in the every part of the beauty chairs,espeailly the base and the footrest of the chairs.
Name/Title: Fanghong Qian / Purchase Manager
Introduction:Is engaged in perchasing the materials of  the chairs. And is good at sourcing the suppliers. Make sure that the quality of materials are excellent.
Name/Title: Xiaoxiao Shi / Domestic Sales Manager
Introduction:As Bangxing's domestic sales manager, she has brought much more profit for the company, and is experted in carrying out orders.
Name/Title: Xilian Fang / Chairman's Assistant
Introduction:Have much experience in manage the team of company. as Bangxing's Chairman's Assistant, he is skilled in communication, the solution to the problem,
                   plan of the events and so on.
Name/Title: Hailong Wang / General Manager
Introduction:Have more than 10 years' experience, proved Bangxing's develepment. He is skilled in every product's technique.